XOX on course for expansion with innovative strength

The market is growing and XOX is creating the capacity to meet the rising demand for snacks.

The snack manufacturer from Hameln is investing in a new logistic park and additional production site in Lauenau.

The new location in the district of Schaumburg is directly on the freeway (A2). It not only offers excellent transport connections, but also a potential for expanding the distribution networks.

Trucks are loaded at 16 ramps for national and international deliveries to the central warehouses, hubs and end consumer markets. The 20,000m² warehouse not only ensures more efficient availability of goods, but also forms an important main hub for XOX.

The warehouse and office space include new and innovative technologies to ensure that the dynamic, young team has the best resources in times of digitalisation and Industry 4.0. New jobs will be created through the logistic centre and by establishing production.

New logistic centre

A real highlight of the new production centre is that it is peanut-free. In future, trend products for the conscious snacker will be produced there and new ingredients – such as legumes and arable crops – will be used. In addition, capacities for classic products are being doubled at our production in Hameln.