Our quality and your satisfaction are our top priorities!

That’s why at XOX, we take care that only the best goods get into your bag.

Quality assurance does not begin in our production, it begins with the careful selection of our suppliers. Whether high-quality Argentine popcorn or sun-ripened peanuts from distant lands, we know the best raw material specialists worldwide.

Not everything comes into our bag, only the raw materials that meet our high requirements. To ensure this, each raw material undergoes intensive testing before it is unloaded from the truck. Only flawless ingredients get into the processing.

During production, all intermediate and final products are checked continuously. The packaged products are repeatedly weighed by us to ensure that the right weight is packed in your bag.

Did you know that we even put some bags under water to see if the bags are actually tightly closed? Only if the packaging is 100% leak-proof, the product will come into your home.

Hygiene is our top priority:

Quality assurance ensures that all hygiene requirements are implemented in the company and that all areas are spotless and clean. We check this with special test sticks and other test equipment.

At XOX, we have not only committed ourselves to complying with German and European food laws, but have also decided to implement additional voluntary quality and sustainability standards. That’s why we are committed to IFS Food, the leading food standard. We are also certified to the Bio, RSPO UTZ standard. You can find out even more under our sub-point Sustainability.

Image source: Fotolia (see imprint)