Out of responsibility to the environment

Our most important supplier of raw materials is nature. And because we source and process very large quantities of raw materials, we want to conserve resources and contribute to more sustainability so you can enjoy each of our products without a bad conscience.

The conservation of resources and the efficient use of energy is important to us!

That is why we have extended the existing management system of XOX Gebäck GmbH in recent years with an energy management system (EMS). The EMS helps us to improve the overall energy consumption of the company, to present it transparently and to reduce overall energy costs. By uncovering and using energy-saving potential, we can continuously improve energy efficiency.

For example, we have already achieved significant energy reductions through the use of presence detectors. In addition, our production and storage area has been equipped with LED technology since 2015.

Renewable energies are also an important topic, and as early as 2011, investments were made in photovoltaic systems, which produce around 350,000 kWh per year.

New projects are already in the planning stage!

Packaging is sustainable and environmentally friendly

Sustainable raw materials and environmentally friendly packaging are a must have! That is why we do not use virgin fiber in our cardboard boxes, but use materials with a balanced and safe recycling share.

Not everything is waste

We try to minimize waste wherever possible. Of course, waste can never be completely avoided. That’s why we separate the waste that has accumulated and dispose it properly. So that our waste receives a new benefit tomorrow.

Image source: Fotolia (see imprint)