Shortage of sunflower oil

Ukraine is one of the largest suppliers of sunflower oil. Due to the current crisis, we expect a shortfall in this year’s harvest. Already now it is very difficult to cover our needs. In order to continue to guarantee the usual good quality of our products, we have decided to mix the remaining quantity of sunflower oil with rapeseed and palm oil.
In order to avoid production losses due to a lack of sunflower oil, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in consultation with the food monitoring authorities of the German states, allows flexible solutions. We are also in close contact with the food authorities responsible for us, who have agreed to a blending even without declaration for a short period of time.
We are in the process of adapting and reprinting all packaging. We ask for your understanding that not all packaging can be changed and reprinted at the same time. Of course, the high quality of our products is still given by this change, so that the products can be consumed continuously with full enjoyment.