XOX Taco Sticks Nacho-Cheese 150g

XOX Taco Sticks Nacho-Cheese 150g

Corn and rice snack with cheese flavour

XOX Taco Sticks Nacho-Cheese 150g

The innovation of the year: XOX Taco Sticks 150g, a new interpretation of the classic tacos for dipping in three different flavours salt, paprika and nacho cheese. Thanks to their spoon shape, they are perfect for dipping and are particularly crispy with a full corn flavour, because the whole kernel is used. The Taco sticks go perfectly with the delicious XOX salsa, cheese and chimichurri dips.

nutrition information

energie (kcal/KJ) 509/2125
fat 28,1g
of which saturates 2,7g
carbohydrate 51,7g
of which sugars 6,0g
protein 6,7g
salt 2,55g


44,8% maize, rice flour, vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed in variable proportions by weight), sweet whey powder, natural flavouring (contains milk), salt, modified starch, hydrolysed rapeseed protein, hydrolysed maize protein, whole milk powder, cheese powder (cheese), spices, anti-caking agent: E551 silicon dioxide.
May contain traces of gluten.

nutritional information