That we understand our craft is also confirmed by the DLG: We have won the “Prize of the Best” for years of consistently high quality! The DLG test center has assessed the quality of XOX products and awarded our seven XOX favorites the Gold Medal.

In order to receive the DLG awards, the products had to pass extensive sensory tests and convince the jury of experts. All submitted products were rated gold by the DLG exception!

The following Classics and Specialties were awarded once again:

  • XOX Pommes Currywurst
  • XOX Pommes Ketchup
  • XOX Erdnussflips
  • XOX Zwiebels
  • XOX Cheeseballs
  • XOX Pic Pom Knabberspaß Salz

Filed for the first time and rated gold!
The XOX Quinoa-Chia snack.