DLG Award 2016 – Gold!

All submitted XOX-products that were tested by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) were valued with gold – without exception!
The product-specific DLG tests focused on the sensory product analysis, which concentrates on the choice of raw material, production technologies and the recipe.

The following Classics and Specialties were awarded once again:

  • XOX Erdnussflips
  • XOX Feuerteufel
  • XOX Bacon
  • XOX Zwiebels
  • XOX Cheeseballs
  • XOX Pommes Ketchup
  • XOX Pommes Currywurst
  • XOX Pic Pom Knabberspaß Salz

These novelties were tested for the first time and immediately valued with gold:

  • XOX Pic Pom Knabberspaß Sauerrahm 125g
  • XOX Ringolino 100g
  • XOX Pommes Schranke 125g