XOX Tortillachips Bluecorn & Sourcream 125g

Sour cream flavoured corn chips

The popular tortilla chips are now also available in the special “Bluecorn” variety and the popular sour cream flavor. They get their color accent from the blue corn, which was already bred by the Incas, Maya’s and Aztecs. The origin can be found in the south of Mexico. The typical handy shape invites you to enjoy the tortilla chips as a snack with the delicious dips of XOX or as a light snack in between. The ideal snack for those who like it culinary specialites!

nutrition information

energie (kcal/KJ) 469/1961
fat 23g
of which saturates 2,6g
carbohydrate 58g
of which sugars 2,3g
protein 6,9g
salt 1,7g


71% blue corn kernels, sunflower oil, salt, rice flour, whey powder (milk), sugar, cream powder, spices, buttermilk powder, tomato powder, yoghurt powder, mushroom powder, maltodextrin, flavouring (contains milk), acidifiers: malic acid, lactic acid; acidity regulator: calcium lactate.


As recipe lactose-free
As recipe gluten-free