XOX D-Snack BBQ 175g

Barbecue flavoured maize snack

The perfect German snack for real (World-) Champion! At international sports events, every fan can help his German team to snack and enjoy the best quality. Due to the spicy BBQ flavor, the snack is also ideal for starting the barbecue season.

nutrition information

energie (kcal/KJ) 527/2202
fat 30g
of which saturates 3,0g
carbohydrate 57g
of which sugars 3,9g
protein 6,9g
salt 2,4g


60% maize semolina, sunflower oil, spices, tomato powder, sea salt, sugar, yeast extract, maltodextrin, salt, locust bean gum, hydrolyzed rapeseed protein, hydrolyzed corn protein, rapeseed oil, dextrose, glucose syrup, milk protein, natural flavouring, smoke flavouring, acidifiers: citric acid, lactic acid; acidity regulator: calcium lactate. May contain traces of peanuts.


As recipe lactose-free
As recipe gluten-free

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