Pink Lady Apfelchips 40g

Dried apple slices

Pink Lady Apfelchips – Germany´s most popular apple “Pink Lady” as a delicious and healthy snack for at home or in between with the fresh, slightly tart and at the same time decisively sweet typical Pink Lady taste. The crispy and thin slices of real Pink Lady apples are perfect for conscious gourmets, because they are gently dried and without artificial additives or flavourings. Compared to other apple chips, these are without core and contain only 0,1% water. This makes them particularly crispy, crunchy and unique, just like the Pink Lady apple itself.

nutrition information

energie (kcal/KJ) 354/1498
fat <0,5g
of which saturates <0,1g
carbohydrate 79g
of which sugars 73g
protein 2,2g
salt 0,25g


Pink Lady®-apples (Cripps Pink/ Rosy Glow/ Sekzie), acidifier: citric acid.

nutritional information