Awarded for Building- and Hygiene-management

For its outstanding Building- and Hygiene-management, the XOX Gebäck GmbH of Hamelin received the BTK Excellence Award from the BioTec-Klute GmbH.

The International Featured Standard Food (IFS) fixes strict hygiene standards especially for the food industry. The measures and techniques that allowed XOX to receive this award far exceed the demands of the IFS.

With its BTK Excellent award, the TÜV-certified pest-control company BioTec-Klute from Borchen distinguishes companies in the food industry possessing exemplary building- and hygiene-management.

“This award symbolizes the hygiene standards of our company and proves that these standards are actually being implemented,” explains André Hinz, leader of Quality Assurance at XOX. “For us, this award is a sign that we have handled ourselves correctly and laid the foundations for a successful future.” “In BioTec-Klute we have a real partner with well-educated professionals and the necessary know-how on our side,” Continues Hinz. Iuliana Pflanzer cheerfully adds “since BioTec-Klute inspects over 2000 companies in Germany, we are especially happy to be one of the top three, which received this award.”

Pride and joy at the awards ceremony. From left: Oliver Klute
(CEO, BioTec-Klute), André Hinz (Quality Manager, XOX)
and Iuliana Pflanzer (Quality Assurance employee, XOX).
(photo: XOX)
Also Mr. Besecke, owner and CEO of XOX Gebäck GmbH,
is proud of his employees. (photo: XOX)

A jury comprised of food hygiene specialists and building management experts selected XOX as victor out of myriad food producing companies based on a wide spectrum of criteria. The jury rated for example on pest prevention measures, soundness of building envelope (to prevent pest from gaining entrance into the building), hygiene of the production facility before and during production as well as the type of flooring used. Oliver Klute, CEO of BioTec-Klute, describes XOX as a company that takes its job very seriously.

At the awards ceremony Edmund E. Besecke also congratulated Mr. Hinz and his team, saying that they “can be very proud of their work and everything they have implemented and achieved leading to the obtainment of this award.”

About BioTec-Kute

The BioTec-Klute group based in Borchen has been in operation since 1993 and employs around 50 workers. The company specializes in pest control, building renovation, building protection as well as the sales of pest control products. BioTec-Klute GmbH offers its customers individually designed pest-prevention systems for all branches and company sizes.

The efficient procedures in the areas hygiene and pest prevention have been confirmed by the TÜV Rheinland. IHK-certified pest controllers specializing in food hygiene operate in a nation-wide network. BioTec-Klute is a member of the Club of German Pest Controllers e.V., a specialist firm in the German Pest Control Club e.V., the Club for Promotion of Ecological Pest Prevention e.V. and in the Food-Processing initiative.